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    Apply Early alerts system


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    Apply Early alerts system

    Post by Admin on Wed Dec 10, 2014 7:43 pm

    Changes to how you receive the early alerts.

    We have now been offering the early alerts free since 28th Febuary and although we would like continue to offer the early alerts they are very time consuming and it is very rare that we back the early alerts ourselves due to not having accounts so the work I put in finding them is almost purely for any followers benefit.
    My options are either to stop doing the early alerts and just concentrate on the bee hive alerts or start to offer the early alerts as emails with a small monthly charge , I have decided to trial offering the early alerts as a charged service and see if the demand is there to make them worthwhile continuing with.

    Early alerts users please understand that this service is my own manual work and if I have other
    engagements or have taken holidays then there will be no tips during that period. The low cost of these alerts
    reflects this and you can expect to receive tips for at least 21 days each calendar month but that is not guaranteed.

    Starting tomorrow all early alerts will be sent as emails and will require a £10pcm donation towards the running costs of
    the service. If you would like to receive the early alerts then please make your donation on our website http://www.gvtips.co.uk/#!tips/cxxj

    Thank you

    Gv John

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