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    Bee Hive Day 9 Testing



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    Bee Hive Day 9 Testing

    Post by mugpunter on Wed Aug 27, 2014 9:09 am

    I've received as many alerts up to now (10am) as I got in total yesterday.  They're all below 10s so I'm thinking something possibly needs a tweak as this flurry occurred before!

    I'm off out and about now so I'll check in when I get back.

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    Re: Bee Hive Day 9 Testing

    Post by Admin on Wed Aug 27, 2014 9:00 pm

    I made a few changes after 10am that should result in fewer alerts but after trying various criteria settings I now feel quite sure that there will be more than the 6-12 alerts that I had expected the bee to alert. I found that by setting the criteria too high we were getting quite a few false findings on the value search so to get the best out of the system we needed to lower a few settings which will mean more alerts. Today I think we had around 30 alerts if you discount re alerts for the same horses and now with the changes I have made that would have brought todays alerts down to about 20.
    All the alerts are now within the 3-1 - 9-1 price range so anyone who wants the larger alerts just pm me or email me and I will switch you on to receive them.

    We have 3 levels of alerts but I would advise starting with the standard alerts although anyone who wants the standard plus alerts are welcome to them.

    Standard bee hive alerts

    We would expect you to get anywhere between 12+ alerts per day for horse priced between 3-1 and 8-1.
    This is a great starter system and due to the odds alerted we can feel confident that we will avoid long
    losing runs.

    Standard plus bee hive alerts

    We would expect you to get anywhere from 20+ alerts per day for horses priced between 3-1 and 33-1.
    This system will alert the same alerts as the standard system but you will also get the larger priced
    alerts. We would recommend that you only start this system when you have a sufficient betting bank and
    some experience of our other systems. The longer odds will be very rewarding long term but you must have
    the nerve short term to accept that when you are backing the larger priced alerts you will experience
    longer losing runs.

    bee hive pro alerts

    You will get far more alerts and could have in excess of 40+ bets per day , what you will get is the full
    system and everything that we get you will get too. I would advise that anyone not familiar with our other
    systems to try them first as you will need a considerable betting bank and plenty of nerve to follow this

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